Kerio Connect’s web based administration is clean and simple, and can even be configured from a tablet. Stay in control of all your Kerio deployments through a single centralized web interface -- MyKerio.

One-click upgrades make it quick and easy to ensure your server is using the latest version, and managing users is a breeze with the straightforward licensing model. We meet your requirements with the best and most flexible messaging and collaboration server on the market.

Server management features:

  • MyKerio centralized web based management to monitor and manage multiple Kerio deployments
  • Remote web based administration
  • Administration API
  • Customizable login page
  • One-click software updates
  • Automated server backup
  • Multiple domains
  • Custom logo per domain
  • Distributed domains
  • Storage quotas and notifications per domain
  • SMTP server relay routing (smart host)
  • Email archiving per server and per domain
  • Moderated mailing lists with NNTP
  • Recover deleted items
  • Status, activity, and debug monitoring
  • Audit logs, charts, reports, and statistics
  • Message queue status & configuration
  • IMAP & Exchange migration tools
  • Domain Footers with variable fields
  • IPv6 Support

Manage your email users, storage quotas, public folders, resources and more through a simple web interface.

User management features:

  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Apple Open Directory
  • Linux PAM
  • Local user database
  • Import user list
  • Account settings templates
  • Mailbox quotas and notifications
  • Access policies based on protocols
  • Data retention policy (Items clean-out)

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Admin friendly server and user management