GFI Partner Program overview

Accelerate your business

Our award-winning communications and network security solutions are perfect for IT resellers and Cloud service providers looking to support businesses worldwide. The GFI partner program offers competitive solutions, pricing and a comprehensive support package, to help you grow a successful business.

IT Resellers

Partner with GFI Software to grow your business. Offer award-winning products designed for business users and IT professionals. Multiple deployment options available, including software, hardware and virtual appliances.

Cloud service providers

Quickly expand your services portfolio with GFI Software. Reach more customers and easily scale up or down according to demand.

Our tiered partner program helps you succeed

Find out more about the different GFI Partner Program levels available and join our network of more than 6,000 IT resellers and Cloud service providers.

Partner testimonial - Coolcat Inc.

I am personally involved with evaluating new technology that we offer. I personally tested and trialed the GFI products and found them to be of real value and very functional. Nothing is comparable with their feature sets at that price point.

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