Kerio Connect allows you to use the synchronization method that best fits your users, so the information on your computer always matches up with what comes across on your device. Browse through public and shared folders and specify which you want sync'd with your mobile device. This feature cuts down on clutter and ensures that if you have got your mobile device in hand, you can instantly access shared folders, without shuffling through ones that aren't relevant.

Offer smooth and seamless BYOD support

  • Provide support for a wide range of mobile devices—from iPhones and Android phones to tablets of all kinds – using Exchange ActiveSync or IMAP/CalDAV/ CardDAV protocols.
  • Secure communications with the SSL and S/MIME protocols to protect users on the go.
  • Enable end users to configure their own mobile devices without requiring assistance from IT.
  • Remotely delete suspicious files and other data from mobile devices to protect users from hacking or malicious activity.

Mobile features:

  • Exchange ActiveSync 14.1
  • CalDAV/CardDAV/IMAP client support
  • Kerio Connect Sync app for Android
  • Global address list synchronization
  • Public and shared folders
  • Automatic configuration for iOS

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Mobile device support