No mailflow guide - GFI MailEssentials


No Mailflow and GFI MailEssentials is installed.


  • GFI MailEssentials
  • All supported environments 


Please note that if mail is able to be restored at any of these steps, please send us a full set of troubleshooter files so that we can investigate the mail flow issue further. 
Here are the steps to take when troubleshooting mail flow:
  1. Try and restart GFI MailEssentials services; see if mailflow gets restored
  2. Next, try and restart either the SMTP or Exchange Transport service to see if mailflow gets restored
  3. If the Transport service will not start because of the following error, check to see if MailEssentials is installed to a drive other than C:. If it is, make sure that the Network Service account has full control permissions over the MailEssentials install folder. By default it does not, so when the Transport service uses that account to read the agent DLL, it fails. Normally a condition like this would generate an "Access denied" error instead, but due to the nature of Exchange 2007/2010, it does not.
    • Failed to create agent factory for the agent 'GfiAsSmtpAgent' with error 'Failed to create type 'ContentSecurity.ExchangeAgents.GfiAsSmtpAgentFactory' from assembly 'D:\Program Files\GFI\ContentSecurity.ExchangeAgents.gfiassmtpagent.dll' due to error 'Invalid agent assembly path.'.'. Please verify the corresponding transport agent assembly and dependencies with correct version are installed.
    • NOTE:  The above error is found in the Application event logs.  It can be caused by Anti Virus software blocking the installation of the agents dlls.  Disable the anti virus software and reinstall MailEssentials 2012.  
    • If the error persists run the following power shell script: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Sever\v14\scripts\reinstalldefaulttransportagents.ps1
  4. Find out where the mail is building up. Use the Exchange Queue Viewer and MailEssentials Dashboard to see if anything is getting built up in any particular queue or taking any particular action. At the same time, check the FailedMails and Global Actions folders for MailEssentials and MailSecurity, and the Badmail folder in Exchange.
  5. If restarting services does not resolve the issue, run the stop_snks.cmd/disable_agents.cmd file in the MailEssentials root folder (c:\program files\gfi\mailessentials by default) to unbind the MailEssentials sinks/agents.
  6. If mail is still not flowing, check to see if other programs (such as MailSecurity, antivirus, or backup software) is installed that may be interfering with mailflow or the Information/Mail store. On the same note, check the application event logs to see if any programs are actuallly crashing. If they are, please check to see if they are involved with mailflow at all and see if the customer is willing to suspend their involvement to test.
  7. If you are using Exchange 2007 or 2010, please check the Transport Agents currently installed. They may be causing an issue with our Transport Agents. You can check this by opening the Exchange Management Shell and typing the command "get-transportagent" to see what other agents are installed. If there are any other antispam or antivirus agents listed, try to disable them one at a time and restart the Transport service to see if they are conflicting.
  8. If no programs are interfering with mailflow and all previous steps have been taken please gather a full set of troubleshooter files by following the steps in this URL: so that we can investigate the issue further. 


Common causes of no mailflow:
  • The information / mail store database is dismounted.
  • A module from either Microsoft Exchange, GFI MailEssentials or another program involved in mailflow is faulting (such as GFI MailEssentials scanning engine).
  • Software such as antivirus or backup software is grabbing the Information/Mail store and is preventing GFI MailEssentials from routing mail to it.
  • Mail is getting corrupted and is failing to be delivered.