Which attachments can be sent via email through GFI FaxMaker Online?

A user can attach up to five files that are in a supported file format. The total size of the email including any attachments must not exceed 20 MB. GFI FaxMaker Online will need to convert each attached file into a fax file before the converted fax pages can be transmitted to the recipient.

The following file formats are supported for attachments by GFI FaxMaker Online:
  • .DOC, DOCX - Microsoft Word
  • .XLS, XLSX - Microsoft Excel
  • .PPT, PPTX - Microsoft PowerPoint
  • .TIF/TIFF - Tagged Image File Format
  • .TXT - Plain Text
  • .HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
  • .RTF - Rich Text Format
  • .PDF - Adobe Portable Document Format
  • .JPG - JPEG images
  • .VSD - Visio drawings
  • .GIF - Graphics Interchange Format