Exinda Network Orchestrator videos

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General videos

Duration: 1:14

Learn how to safeguard your network and students to maintain CIPA compliance and ensure E-rate funding.

Duration: 1:38

Don’t let your legacy packet shaper weigh you down.

Duration: 2:28

Whether you decide to limit bandwidth for popular streaming sites or block them altogether, the main priority for you is to ensure you can maintain the same quality of experience for your business critical applications.

Testimonial videos

Duration: 1:50

Watch how Exinda helped Westminster improve online testing experiences and squash social media disruptions.

Duration: 1:38

Watch how Exinda helped UMass Dartmouth guarantee performance of ERP applications and control Netflix streaming.

How to videos

Duration: 3:23

Learn how to reduce administration and maintenance time with Exinda's Recommendation Engine and best practices for policy management.

Duration: 3:03

Learn how to easily monitor applications and ensure a great user experience.

Duration: 3:45

Learn how to control unsanctioned applications in your organization and protect your key apps.

Duration: 2:16

Keep your users connected and productive with exceptional Quality of Experience for Skype for Business.

Duration: 2:09

Ensure your users have reliable and consistent performance to log, manage and analyze customer activity.

Duration: 2:11

Ensure your operations run smoothly across all departments with exceptional SAP performance.

Duration: 2:21

Learn how Exinda can help you keep users happy and productive and prevent poor Quality of Experience issues like slow Office 365 performance, loss of service and choppy Skype for Business calls.

Duration: 2:21

Ensure your users can always communicate and collaborate with a reliable and consistent Quality of Experience for SharePoint.

Duration: 6:30

Diagnose and resolve network performance problems quickly.

Duration: 3:29

Control company-wide software upgrades.

Duration: 2:58

Guarantee key applications always have the bandwidth they need.

Duration: 4:53

Eliminate piracy and stay compliant with copyright law.

Duration: 3:48

Score the performance of your critical applications.

Webinar videos

Duration: 30:00

Georgia College shares how to make efficient use of the bandwidth you have and ensure a great ResNet experience for every student.

Duration: 34:00

Get expert tips from Microsoft and Exinda on how successful Cloud Solution Providers are building out their practices with Microsoft services and how Exinda can help build out your practice and bring value to your customers.

Duration: 34:00

Learn how to conquer Office 365 performance issues like slow Office 365 performance, choppy calls, long download times and loss of service.

Duration: 32:52

Get expert tips on how to overcome Skype for Business performance challenges and ensure a reliable and consistent Quality of Experience for your users.

Duration: 37:14

Portage Township Schools shares tips on how to ensure exceptional experiences for critical learning apps and how to limit the impact of recreational traffic like P2P, online gaming and streaming.

Duration: 37:12

Learn how Exinda ensures a successful Skype for Business deployment and maintain flawless performance.

Duration: 25:56

Learn how to conquer performance issues like slow SharePoint performance, lagging file transfers and long download times.

Duration: 28:54

Hear from the Network Team at Westminster Public Schools and learn how to prioritize critical learning and online testing traffic and block access to Snapchat, VPN and Tor.

Duration: 26:11

Learn how to ensure your network and cloud applications are optimized across the enterprise, identify performance issues quickly, reduce time to resolve and improve Quality of Experience for critical voice, video, ERP and CRM applications.