Get more performance from
your network bandwidth

Ensure application QoS by prioritizing traffic and bonding bandwidth

Define your multi-element WAN

Combine and intelligently manage up to 12 Internet transports (such as MPLS, T1, DSL, Cable, fiber, satellite or 3G, 4G, LTE) from any of your service providers.

The Exinda SD-WAN network router can monitor, detect and adapt against the fluctuations in your ISP performance as well as your changing traffic profile. Solve network problems automatically and avoid interruptions to your Internet services and applications.

Add bandwidth easily

Add additional bandwidth to your network when you need it. Exinda SD-WAN lets you plug additional broadband lines in to increase your network capacity.

If you rely on a single service provider, you are dependent on a single SLA. By aggregating service providers, you can build your own best-in-class bandwidth solution. Leverage cable modems’ bandwidth, DSL’s dedicated last-mile transport, and the low latency of MPLS—all packaged together.

Complement with Exinda Network Orchestrator

Combining Exinda SD-WAN and Exinda Network Orchestrator provides many added benefits.

In addition to the fail-over and quality-of-service management Exinda SD-WAN offers, Exinda Network Orchestrator delivers greater application visibility, additional and more nuanced application-network-bandwidth management/control, and the ability to accelerate applications for even better performance.

More benefits

Self-healing WAN

Monitoring and automatic failover protect against failures in any of your WAN links or elements.

Easy to install

Add Exinda SD-WAN between your network/firewall and modem. Configuration is done through web-based management.

Enable application performance

Eliminate network user complaints about frozen or faulty applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP) or video conferencing.

ROI alternative to MPLS

Use Exinda SD-WAN to add cost-effective Internet bandwidth to your MPLS.