IMPORTANT - BabyTEL IP Migration Notice

This notice applies to customers who are using babyTEL with their GFI FaxMaker installation.

On Tuesday August 19th, 2014, babyTEL will be migrating its public IP address space to a new address.  They are doing this as part of their continued efforts to maintain the high quality of its network, supported future product development, improve reliability and increase capacity to meet future growth.

Note:  Only the IP Address will change.  The full qualified domain names "FQDN" (Ex. used by babyTEL will not change but will be updated to point to the new IP Addresses.  The update will take place during an off-hours maintenance period.

No downtime of service is expected.

Customer who have configured their devices to connect to babyTEL using the FQDN are not expected to be impacted.  Those devices should automatically be redirected to the new IP Addresses  There is no action required before the migration as the change will be automatic.

Two type of customer will need to prepare for the change before it occurs:
  1. Customers who have devices configured with IP addresses instead of FQDN.  For example, if the SIP Outbound proxy is set to use an IP address, you will need to reconfigure your device to use the FQDN or change the IP address to a new one as provided below.
  2. Customer who have a very strict firewall and have made special ruels to permit communication between their server and the babyTEL Servers.  These customer will need to review their firewall rules and update them to allow communication to the new IP addresses provided below.
The following table lists the planned IP addresses changes:

User-added image

If you have any questions on the changes, you can reach babyTEL at