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General videos

Duration: 3:33

The multi award winning GFI MailEssentials uses 14 advanced email filtering technologies and up to five virus scanning engines to protect your mailboxes from email-borne malware and spam.

Duration: 2:53

Email is one of the most important and critical of business communication tools in existence. It connects your business to customers, vendors, partners and other business contacts. As an IT administrator you need to maintain email infrastructure reliability and protect your servers and mailboxes against external threats and inattentive users.

Testimonial videos

Duration: 4:50

Aurelium NV is an allround ICT service provider for SMB. They strive to translate their knowledge into efficient ICT solutions that connect their customers to the future and maximize their business potential.

Duration: 1:14

Since 2006, FrugalBrothers has built its business around providing only the best email protection and network security tools to its customers. FrugalBrothers are certified in all products and is a top GFI Gold Level Partner.

Duration: 3:10

Raque Food Systems has been building food packaging machinery and manufacturing systems for the refrigerated and frozen food industries since 1975. Their food packaging systems include pie and pizza production systems, piston filling systems, tray sealing, and much more.

Duration: 2:47

As an independent financial partner and one-stop-shop, Youmex Group offers individual solutions for corporate financing and project financing. Since 1999 they have provided advice and support to established listed and non-listed small and medium sized enterprises as well as medium-sized corporations. For the last 10 years, they have financed more than 200 companies and projects through their (mostly bank-alternative) capital partners – in sophisticated style, at short and long notice and tailor made.

How-to videos

Duration: 1:22

Watch this video for recommended Antivirus and backup exclusions for GFI MailEssentials

Duration: 2:14

Watch this video to learn how to remove users from GFI MailEssentials user list

Duration: 1:38

Watch this video to learn how to upgrade license keys when moving to a new version

Duration: 1:26

Setting up GFI MailEssentials is simple. Watch this short video to learn more. If you haven’t done so already, please download the FREE 30-day trial from

Duration: 1:34

GFI MailEssentials enables ‘Multi-server’ operation, that enables communication between different GFI MailEssentials servers so that some configuration data can be shared across the servers. Learn how this feature works by watching this short video.

Duration: 1:41

GFI MailEssentials has a powerful content filtering engine which can block emails for a number of reasons. For example, attachments in emails that do not meet certain rules will be blocked. Watch this short video to learn how you can create attachment filtering rules.

Duration: 0:45

If you and your users want to know which emails have been blocked, GFI MailEssentials can automatically send out digest emails at the required scheduled times. Watch this video to learn how to enable this feature.

Duration: 1:32

GFI MailEssentials has a powerful content filtering engine which can block emails by matching keywords found in the email body or subject. This video explains how you can create keyword filtering rules. Learn how to enable keyword filtering by watching this short video.

Duration: 0:45

Watch this video to learn how to create and submit troubleshooting logs for GFI MailEssentials.

Duration: 2:05

GFI MailEssentials offers comprehensive, multi-layered protection against email-borne viruses and spam. Watch the video to find out more.

Miscellaneous videos

Duration: 32:51

Discover how GFI MailEssentials, our on-premise mail security solution, protects your network against email-borne viruses and other malware threats while delivering a spam capture rate of over 99%.

Duration: 55:08

View this Redmond Magazine webcast, brought to you by GFI, to learn what is required to block malicious email content and keep pace with emerging threats.

Duration: 2:39

Researching email security solutions or seeking to upgrade or replace yours? Watch this video to learn what to keep in mind when evaluating an email security solution for your business.