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Monitor and control web activity

Uncontrolled web activity can impact productivity, lead to malware infections, increase costs and potential legal liabilities, as well as a bruised company image. GFI WebMonitor delivers unique web filtering capabilities by combining application-based traffic filtering with a website categorization functionality. Together they allow accurate control over what users are doing online and the applications they are using.

Manage bandwidth and internet usage

Browsing websites like YouTube® and spending time on social media sites like Facebook can take up a huge chunk of bandwidth. GFI WebMonitor’s bandwidth control capabilities help administrators manage how that bandwidth is utilized and, in turn, reduce costs. Intuitive dashboards give a clear, detailed picture of how much bandwidth goes into productive activities, and how much of it is wasted on fruitless browsing. Then take full control over how it should be used.

Secure downloads and web browsing

Protecting the network against web-based threats is a major challenge for IT and security admins. Ignoring the dangers of online activity can lead to malware infections or data breaches. As a result organizations could incur heavy costs, poor productivity, downtime, compromised business-critical information and increased IT costs to repair the damage. Don’t let your reputation be tarnished if you can prevent it. GFI WebMonitor scans downloads in real-time using up to two antivirus engines to ensure malware-free downloads.
A major benefit was the ability to block certain file types from being downloaded … this has helped us being virus-free.
Mark Harvey, Trussbilt IT Manager

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Business Internet Management with GFI WebMonitor

Monitoring internet use at the office isn’t just about productivity, it’s also a matter of security that could damage your business, your employees and your reputation. Check out how GFI WebMonitor is the tool to use to help you and your users stay safe online.

More benefits

Immediate return on investment

Immediately notice improved productivity, less administrative time spent cleaning infected machines, and better use of bandwidth.

Manage social media

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are a few of the most popular social media sites on the Internet. But are they where your employees should be focusing their time?

Protect road warriors

The GFI WebMonitor agent applies filtering policies when users are traveling with company laptops.

Widest website coverage

Our web categorization database mitigates threats on both high-traffic websites and infrequently visited websites fraught with equal risk.