Documentation - GFI WebMonitor


Learn how GFI WebMonitor can help you through this brief product overview.

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Free eBook download

Read about the most dangerous sites on the Internet from a bandwidth perspective.

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Quick Installation Guide

Review system requirements and follow the easy steps in this guide to successfully deploy and test your GFI WebMonitor installation.

Thirty Day Evaluation Plan

Evaluate GFI WebMonitor with our recommended plan spread over 30 days.

Administrator Guide

Discover how to configure GFI WebMonitor by creating web browsing and filtering policies and blocking unwanted traffic and learn how to perform several monitoring tasks.

Eliminating referral sites and ads from GFI WebMonitor’s surf time reports

One of the biggest challenges IT admins face as they try to monitor and measure web activity is distinguishing between direct (intentional) web browsing activity requests and indirect (unintentional) requests. Find out how you can eliminate referral sites and ads from GFI WebMonitor’s surf time reports.

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