Case studies and testimonials

Better Network for Education 
Better Network for Colleges 


For more than 30 years, Atrion has consulted with customers to provide them with the best solutions for their business. At one point, their bandwidth management solution was not meeting their expectations. That is until Exinda Network Orchestrator stepped in and blew the competition out of the running.

Dominic “Dom” Grillo, President of Atrion

CTI Foods

With Exinda, we can conduct multi- person team meetings via high-definition video conferencing without sacrificing other critical applications like voice, Citrix and ERP.

John Flick

Georgia College

…right out of the box, Exinda eliminated our bandwidth issue and ensured all of the applications had the network resources they needed for a great user experience.

Charlie Weaver

Financial Force

Within 15 minutes of setting up the Exinda, we started seeing the benefits. It was like turning on a light bulb. We suddenly had visibility into everything that was running on our network.

Richard Hall

Unicoop Tirreno

With Exinda in place, we no longer experience network congestion. The user experience has significantly improved and we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in helpdesk calls.

Westminster Public Schools

After we implemented Exinda, we could finally pinpoint what was consuming the district’s bandwidth and control it.

Mark Hanson

City of Richmond

We do not get calls about slowness anymore. With Exinda in place, all of the network issues we used to have simply do not exist anymore.

Henry Lei


Because Exinda gives us such visibility into our network, it’s now the first place we look when there’s any issue at all.

Mark Schwartz

Detroit Tigers

In IT, not hearing from people means everything’s going well, and it’s been very quiet since we’ve implemented Exinda.

James Darrow

UMass Dartmouth

Without Exinda, we do not have a functioning network. It’s what saves our bacon every day.

Rich Pacheco

Illinois Central College

With Exinda, I can come into work and not have to think about it, which says a lot about the quality and reliability of the solution.

Dan Robinson

Van Genechten Packaging

Exinda takes a lot of work off my hands so I now have more time to spend on other critical projects.

Kristof Van Den Ouweland

Olentangy Local School District

With Exinda we are getting the most bang for our buck when it comes to bandwidth and we can show we are being good stewards of taxpayer dollars.

Charlene Kolosky

Denton Independent School District

We had some VPN traffic that we didn’t know was going out of our network. With Exinda we were able to identify and block that very quickly.

Chris Langford

Glennie School

Exinda is very intuitive to configure and use compared to other products and provides great insight into the network.

Matthew Russell

Horizon Food Group

What I was so impressed with was right out of the box, the policies fell in line with our critical business applications.

Roger Beard