Find and retrieve past emails, attachments and files, quickly and easily using advanced search and restore features. GFI Archiver automatically indexes every message, attachment and file before it is saved. This means users can easily find and retrieve lost or deleted emails and faxes again.

Users can build complex search rules based on date, sender, recipient and keywords. Once a search is defined, the user can save the search criteria for easy reference at a later date, similar to Outlook search folders.

GFI Archiver also features a fast search option that includes exclusion parameters like “and,” “or” and others, thereby enabling users to perform more targeted searches. Once you find the required item, it takes just one click to restore it back to the mailbox or in the case of files, download to a location of your choice.

GFI Archiver restores any archived emails (even deleted emails), resending them to the user as an attachment.

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Advanced search features