Easily identify, search and retrieve faxes from the archive when sent by GFI FaxMaker. For companies that purchase GFI FaxMaker as well as GFI Archiver, managing, searching and retrieving the different types of email-enabled messages is especially easy.

GFI Archiver automatically flags email-enabled faxes sent by GFI FaxMaker and allows for them to be easily distinguished in the archive. Users are then able to create their own customized searches specifically for faxes.

Customers who purchase GFI Archiver and GFI FaxMaker together can extend the benefits of email archiving to faxes and SMS messages, and capitalize on new ways to increase workforce efficiency. By archiving and managing emails, fax and SMS messages together in a central location, you can eliminate time wasted searching for old messages, and be sure your electronic communications history is complete, secure and easily accessible.

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GFI FaxMaker integration