Archive your emails,
calendar, files, faxes with
tamper-proof security

Save email server space and enable easy file retrieval for compliance

Secure archiving for compliance and management

  • Manage and access your organization's electronic communications history. This includes emails, attachments, files, calendar entries, faxes, and SMS (text), and voice messages that are connected and logged via email.

  • Minimize legal risk. Archive emails and files in their original state in a central, tamper-proof store. This archive helps with compliance, e-discovery and internal investigations while not relying on vulnerable online storage.

  • Validate that stored emails, files, and more are genuine with message-auditing functionality.

  • The email history and old file versions of people in your organizations are always available for quick retrieval via the GFI Archiver interface, either desktop or mobile.

  • Messages, attachments and files are automatically indexed before they are archived, enabling you to search and retrieve faster.

  • See how Archiver + FaxMaker makes faxing more compliant, for less.

Voted Top Web Security Solution Provider.

Archive your emails, calendar, files, faxes with tamper-proof security

Improve email performance and save money

  • Archive electronic communications separate from the applications to save active server space and improve application performance.

  • GFI Archiver uses single-instance storage (SIS) to store a single copy of a multi-recipient email and its attachments, rather than multiple copies of the same email.

  • Gain even more storage savings as Archiver compresses (and decompresses) email attachments in real time to make better use of your storage resources.

GFI Archiver

Save money and space with storage

GFI Archiver lets you archive your electronic data to a source within your network, and authorize access at any time, from virtually anywhere.

Hear from people working with us

“When companies rely on things like legal hold for law suits, the ability to quickly find mail from employees is a major benefit.”

Bruce Naylor FrugalBrothers Software

“Installing GFI Archiver meant a reduction in disk space used plus there was no need to upgrade disks in servers.”

Bruce Naylor Robert Scott & Sons Limited

“GFI on more than one account has become a very beneficial tool in the daily madness of email data mining.”

Bruce Naylor ConSol
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