Unlimited Secure Email

Why choose just email when
you can have secure email

Value-priced package of
three complementary products

Unlimited | Secure Email has the essential business applications for SMBs to deliver email and collaboration with security. With a single subscription, you access a complete set of tools, and the flexibility to enable them in their network all at once, or over time.

Starting at $39.90 per user/node for the year, you can protect your communications and network at your own pace without the additional costs that come with engaging multiple single-solution vendors.

What you receive for one simple price

  • Email and collaboration: Kerio Connect is your email, calendar, instant message and shared notes, tasks and contacts.

  • Secure traffic: GFI MailEssentials is the email anti-virus, phishing and malware protection software you can install inside or just outside the network. It’s compatible with multiple email systems including Microsoft, Apple, Google and the GFI product, Kerio Connect.

  • Secure Archiving: GFI Archiver offers secure archiving for compliance and management

  • Unlimited | Secure Email also includes access to the same number of seats of any other applications in GFI Unlimited, plus technical support to keep your network safe and productive

How pricing works

Your Unlimited | Secure Email subscription is priced per user/mailbox. If you have a 40-person company you may need:

  • 40 email and collaboration tools users for your team, and perhaps an additional 5 named users (partners you allow into your network) for 45 users

  • 40 anti-virus licenses for each mailbox + 5 additional addresses (for example, “

  • 40 archives for your email users.

Unlimited | Secure Email pricing is based on the largest number of users/ mailboxes/ nodes. In this way, it acts as a single product for pricing.

In this example, your largest number of items to be managed is 45 email boxes. Your total cost for comprehensive secure email security is $39.90 per email box, per year. The result: your company of 45 people has hacker-proofed email and collaboration for just under $150 per month. From other vendors, email plus a rarely used bundle of productivity applications could cost you up to three times more.

Best of all, with Unlimited | Secure Email you can choose to add helpdesk, firewalls or other GFI Unlimited capabilities…at no additional cost based on 45 users for any new capability.